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    Small business owner in construction getting financed
    Revenue-Based Funding
    Finding the Right Funding for You - Revenue-Based Financing

    Business financing can come in many forms, from traditional loans to business lines of credit and everything in between. For some businesses, revenue-based financing is an appealing alternative to more restrictive traditional loans or high stakes equity-based agreements. But how can you determine if this is the right financing structure for you and your business? Let’s first dive into how revenue-based financing works.

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    Lady Liberty
    Putting a New Face to Funding

    Constantly working at the forefront of financing, our new look and logo represent the continuous evolution we undergo to create funding solutions that best serve modern business needs.

  • Small Business Guide
    Small business owners wearing aprons looking at computer
    The Funding Fundamentals

    In this series of small business guides, we’ll explore some fundamental ideas behind business financing and guide you on making the most out of your funding.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to receive funding?

It’s possible to receive funding the same day, depending on the requested amount. Generally, you will receive a conditional preapproved offer the day you apply. Preapprovals are subject to change based on subsequent due diligence.


What are the benefits of this type of funding?

We offer a level of speed, accessibility, flexibility, and transparency that is uncommon in traditional financing methods.


What’s the Difference between Revenue-Based Financing (RBF) and Term Loan?

Revenue-Based Funding (RBF) is not a loan but a purchase of future receipts. RBF is an unsecured, non-dilutive financial instrument that can be up to 12 months (estimated) with a maximum funding amount of $5,000,000 while Term Loans are eligible for repayment over 12 to 24 months and loan amounts up to $2,500,000.


How do I know if my business qualifies?

Our minimum requirements are: two years in business, $100,000 a month in revenue, and 625 FICO. Approval is subject to the overall quality of the file, exceptions can be made if your FICO is below 600.


How do I satisfy my advance?

Payments are drawn directly from the business bank account of your choice on a daily, weekly, and in some cases on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. Payment frequency is determined based on the strength of the business as a whole and the payment structure of any existing advances or debt.


Can I payoff early?

Yes. You can repurchase the sold receivables at any time without penalty. A discounted repurchase price may be available.


What happens if I miss a remittance?

Contact us. We ask that you reach out if you know you’re going to miss a remittance. If a long-term issue arises, we are happy to reassess your file to see if you’re eligible for a modification.