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Client Success Stories

Hear from clients how Libertas has helped their companies stay connected to the capital they need to thrive.

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  • “Because of our relationship with [Libertas] we’ve been able to take on bigger projects. We’ve been working with [the Libertas team] for about 5 years now, and it’s just been a perfect relationship for us. Libertas is our de facto business partner and we’re fortunate to have [them] in our corner.”
    Commercial Construction CEO
    Commercial Construction
  • “[The Libertas] team is by far the most professional and diligent, they ask the best questions, and have been the most consistent about maintaining long-term relationships.”
    Software & Tech CEO
    Software & Tech
  • “I consider the Libertas team partners; without them, we wouldn’t be the company we are today”
    Health & Wellness Online Retailer CEO
    Health & Wellness
  • “As we’ve [worked together] over time, [the Libertas team] always closes the [funding] conversations with come to [us] first and they’ve continued that same personal touch.”
    Ambulance Service Provider CEO
    Ambulance Service Provider
  • “[Our] relationship with Libertas is outstanding. We trust [leadership and their team]. [Their industry] is generally not one of [trust and transparency] but [Libertas] is quite different, I have quite a bit of trust and faith in [them] and I have no bad things to say.”
    Oil & Gas Company Principal
    Oil & Petroleum
  • “Libertas was very quick to understand what was being presented to them, they performed efficiently and decisively, and allowed the transaction to get done very smoothly.”
    Oil & Petroleum CEO
    Oil & Petroleum

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At Libertas, we view funding not as a transaction to complete but as a foundation on which to build your business. By working with us, companies can stay connected to the capital they need to thrive.

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