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This telecom software company is a market leader in the provision of virtual town hall solutions to increase outreach to the public. The company’s suite of products helps clients engage with their audience and are used by federal, state and local government representatives, professional sport teams and school districts. The company’s financials are driven by 2 4-year cycles – the bigger cycle is driven by the presidential election (2016, 2020, and 2024), and the smaller cycle is driven by gubernatorial election years (2014, 2018, 2022), with the odd year in-between these 2 cycles being cyclically weaker than the preceding year.

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  • “[The Libertas] team is by far the most professional and diligent, they ask the best questions, and have been the most consistent about maintaining long-term relationships.”

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“Timing is always a factor when you’re creating a relationship for a partner with capital and Libertas is the right amount of quick [because] you want to know that you’re working with people who understand your business.”


Preserve Equity

“In a space where you’re trying to preserve equity and use capital without the consequence with giving up shares you have in your business and having a partner that will pay attention to the business, ask the right questions about the company, and to make sure that you’re getting funds that you can afford, I think that’s a big piece of this. I appreciate the analysis that [Libertas] does around understanding our business [I think that] understanding what [Libertas] thinks [we] can do is as meaningful as the numbers that [we] come up with. I think [Libertas] takes a consultative approach that doesn’t exist everywhere else in the market.”

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