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Commercial Construction

Southwestern Commercial Construction Company

This southwestern commercial construction construction company focuses on commercial projects throughout California. In an industry where payments are subject to a multitude of external factors outside the business’s control, they look to Libertas for funding that enables them to navigate unpredictable cash cycles and take on larger projects in order to grow.

Hear From The CEO

  • “Because of our relationship with [Libertas] we’ve been able to take on bigger projects. We’ve been working with [the Libertas team] for about 5 years now, and it’s just been a perfect relationship for us. Libertas is our de facto business partner and we’re fortunate to have [them] in our corner.”

    Commercial Construction CEO


Dealing with Delays

“What [Libertas] does is provide us capital for projects that don’t start when anticipated; they get delayed either through design, through the city permit process or some other reason that’s beyond our control, we can maintain our commitments to our customers without being crippled in terms of cash flow.

[The Libertas team] has been incredible, we’re straight up with them and they’re straight up with us. The relationship has been more than transactional.”


Revised Payment Schedule

“On March 17th 2020, we were deemed non-essential by the Health Department, the County, and the Governor. . . we had to keep our [employees] and were still using cash. We had an agreement with Libertas and this [situation] is why they [continue to] have our business; we got the [Libertas team] on the phone and [explained the situation], they revised the payment schedule for 60 days because for 60 days, we couldn’t go to work.”


A partnership for growth.

“[Libertas] bridged us to the beginning of a project as we’d hoped it would. It got us to the point of starting a project and getting paid versus waiting and not getting paid. Because of our relationship with [Libertas] we’ve been able to take on bigger projects.”

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