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Health & Wellness

Online Retailer Company

This online supplement retailer located in San Diego, CA was founded in 2017. The company focuses on procuring and selling high quality supplements and has successfully built a strong reputation over time.

Hear From The CEO

  • “I consider the Libertas team partners; without them, we wouldn’t be the company we are today”

    Health & Wellness Online Retailer CEO


Growing Pains

“As we grew, our needs changed and became much more complicated and larger in terms of dollar amounts and [Libertas] was always there for us whenever we needed additional capital irrespective of how short of notice we gave them.”


Consolidating Debt

“Libertas also helped us restructure other short-term debt which lowered our monthly payments by roughly $700K a month which opened cash flow to continue to grow.”



“We started [in 2019] with no revenue and this year we will do $40M in revenue and we’re projecting $100M in 2023, a lot of that credit goes to the Libertas team and their ability to fund us quickly; they do their due diligence but we go from an initial discussion to money in the bank in a few days and sometimes the same day.”

By the Numbers

  • $700K

    Lowered monthly [debt service] by roughly $700K a month

  • $0 - $40M

    Funding lead to the flexibility and infrastructure that allowed the business to grow to $40M in revenue in three years

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