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Ambulance Service Provider

Southeastern Medical Transport Company

This southeastern ambulance service provider was in a position where existing clients were reducing their operations while potential clients were struggling to find providers. Reallocation of resources would be essential for continued growth.

Hear From The CEO

  • “As we’ve [worked together] over time, [the Libertas team] always closes the [funding] conversations with come to [us] first and they’ve continued that same personal touch.”

    Ambulance Service Provider CEO


Working Capital Gap

“Our challenge was a working capital gap for two reasons: One: Covid had affected our business significantly. We’re a large private ambulance provider and hospitals reduced a lot of their capacity, which drove our revenue down. At the same time, other hospitals were looking [for] a new provider. Financing equipment has always been fairly easy, it’s secured but, the challenges is typically on the working capital side, and often a timing question; [for example] hiring a bunch of staff [that starts] generating revenue [approximately] thirty days after they’re hired. But from that point it is still another ninety to one hundred and twenty days to collect the dollars; [the challenge was a] combination of a revenue [decrease] on one side, but also an opportunity on the other side by taking on some new business.”


Take Advantage of the Business Opportunity

“There are things in your business that you could not do with the thirty-day or forty-five- or sixty-day process [with traditional lending] and that was our situation. So [Libertas’ solution] allowed us to take advantage of the business opportunity, fill the hole that COVID had effected and ultimately [allowed us to grow].”


Understanding at a Much Deeper Level

“Having a partner that did what they said they were going to do when they said they were going to do it and being able to talk to a principal that understood, at a much deeper level, the underlying business reason for the relationship was very different from any other lending experience we’ve had.”

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