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James Smith

Chief Technology Officer

  • B.S. Mathematics; University of Florida 
Professional Experience
  • Co-Founder and CEO at Hakkiri Software
  • Sr. Managing Director, Eze Software Group

"This is what every day at Libertas is like, and it’s an exciting time to be a technologist here. I am honored to lead this dynamic team."

James Smith

James Smith serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Libertas, guiding the firm in its pursuit of more innovative, more effective, and more accessible digital financial solutions.

A technologist at heart, James has worked for a wide range of technology companies from startups to the Fortune 500. Prior to joining Libertas, James founded and served as the CEO of business intelligence company Hakkiri. Additionally, James has served as senior managing director at Eze Software Group, working with buy-side asset management technologies, and a systems engineer at Raytheon.

James holds a bachelor’s degree from the University of Florida.