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Frequently Asked Questions.

We are here to help provide cash to help your business meet strategic objectives. New businesses and sometimes older businesses need financing partners who can fund them quickly, based on understanding their financials and growth prospects. We’re that partner.

You use the money in the way that best suits your strategy. We’ll be there again, when you need more funding to continue to pursue your goals. Smart use of capital will lead to a long term relationship with us.

We care about your business and how you run it. Your credit is rarely the right way to understand whether your business is healthy and can use more financing to achieve its strategic objectives. We’ll be able to figure that out to get you the right money.

We’ll get you an answer in less than an hour if you give us information electronically. The faster you get us key information the faster we’ll get you an answer. Sometimes it may take longer because you’ve sent information to us by email. But we’ll still figure out the answer quickly.

We determine how much to give you based on what you need the money for and how much you can afford to pay. We want you to get what you need, while ensuring you get the right amount of help. We’ve got a smart algorithm that looks at your revenues, your expenses, and your growth and gives a fair answer.

You’ll get the money the next day, guaranteed to be what we agree to today (the day of your request).

We encourage you to pay back early and we also are there if you need more money sooner than when you finish paying for the first advance.

You can apply to us if you still have an advance with us. We’re here for you.